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High speed injection molding machine

- Improve production efficiency and create more profits!

HDPE Jerry can blow molding machine

- Automatic deflashing system
- Servo energy saving type
- Japan parison control system
- Remote troubleshooting available

Our customers are located around the world

At Dawson, we take pride in our global presence, serving customers from all around the world. Our successful collaborations with renowned brands like GULF, BMW, and TOYOTA attest to the trust and confidence they place in our Blow Molding solutions. From automotive to packaging, our machines and molds have made a significant impact on diverse industries, setting new standards for quality, efficiency, and innovation.

Turn Key Solution

The fully automatic solution saves you labor costs and creates a smarter, error-free, high-efficiency and high-configuration production workshop!

Dawson Machine & Mould Group​​​​​​​

Located in Zhangjiagang city, Dawson has more than 18 years' experience in plastic machinery, blow molding machine, injection molding machine, injection blow molding machine
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Dawson's distinguished reputation is built on strong alliances with world famous brands. The components of the machine sourced from world-renowned manufacturers. With top-notch elements from industry leaders, our Blow Molding solutions deliver outstanding performance, precision, and durability, meeting the demands of global manufacturing.



5L Jerry Can Double Station Extrusion Blow Molding Machine Delivery To Saudi Arabia

Today, we loaded our hot sale model, high configuration extrusion blow molding machine for max 5L HDPE jerry can making. Customer is from Saudi Arabia, this time, they purchased the machine with parison controling system, with liquid level line configuration and 2sets of 4L jerry can moulds. And the

Want To Make Your Own IBC Tank? DAWSON Take You Have A Sample Factory Tour

Want To Make Your Own IBC Tank? DAWSON Take You Have A Sample Factory Tour

6 cavities Medical hanging bottle blow molding machine test

6 cavities Medical hanging bottle blow molding machine test

Common problems and troubleshooting methods of PET bottle blowing machines

Poor transparency of PET bottlesReason:1. Heating temperature is too high;2. Heating time is too long;3. Compressed air contains moisture;4. The injection molded embryo tube itself is not transparent;5. Inadequate embryo tube design; 6. The blowing ratio is too small.Troubleshooting:1. Cooling down;

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