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5L Jerry Can Double Station Extrusion Blow Molding Machine Delivery To Saudi Arabia

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Today, we loaded our hot sale model, high configuration extrusion blow molding machine for max 5L HDPE jerry can making. Customer is from Saudi Arabia, this time, they purchased the machine with parison controling system, with liquid level line configuration and 2sets of 4L jerry can moulds. And the liquid level line system is for their other jerry cans in the near future.


Equipment introduction: This machine is mainly composed of extrusion system, continuous die head, clamping system, mold moving device, frame, hydraulic system, lifting system, blowing device, electrical system, pneumatic and cooling system. It is suitable for processing hollow products made of blow molding grade PE/PP as main raw materials. (Manipulators, product conveyors & scraps conveyor, weighing device, leak tester, and package device can be added to form a fully automatic line).

Extrusion system:

A. Screw: Specially designed according to the processing performance of the raw materials (suitable for ultra high molecular weight polyethylene material), made of 38CrMoAlA, nitrided, hardness≥800, brittleness≤2 levels.

B. Barrel: high-quality structural steel, material 38CrMoAlA, nitrided, hardness HV≥900, brittleness≤2 levels.

C.  Driving mode: AC motor speed regulation + hard tooth surface gear box.

D.  Temperature control: adopt modular temperature control.

E. Cooling method: The feeding section adopts water cooling, and the other sections are automatically air-cooled.

Die head:

A. Continuous type, single head, center injection, vertical first-in-first-out design, smooth die flow channel. Sliding parts are made of different materials and processes to ensure smooth and reliable movement of the actuator.

B. The molten material extruded from the extrusion system flows through the inner core component of the die and is divided into two strands, each of which is wrapped sideways. Through the distribution of the die runner, two peach-shaped cross-sections are formed.

C. Temperature control: modular temperature control

Clamping system:

Toggle type clamping mechanism, is easy for mould mounting, disassembling, with higher and uniform clamping force.

Hydraulic system:

It adopts energy-saving servo hydraulic control system and is equipped with imported hydraulic valves and imported plunger pumps. It has the characteristics of smooth and accurate movements, long service life and good response

Features of this series machine

Toggle type clamping system driving by the linear guiderails, ensure high speed and stable clamping movements.

Servo hydraulic system, saving more than 25% power energy

Rotary touch screen control box, for operator to easy observing the movements when adjusting the parameters

Safety rods, to ensure the operator's safety

Bottle racks, to hold the finished bottles , and can separate collect the finished bottles apart from the scraps

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