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Applicaton in Diverse Industries

Explore versatile Injection and Blow Molding machines, catering to various industries and applications. From cosmetics to food and medicine inductry, our machines deliver precision and reliability, empowering your manufacturing success.


Perfume Bottle, Skin Care Product, Hair Dye Bottle

Daily Cosmetics

In Daily Life, Bottles That May Be Used At Any Time: Shampoo Bottles, Shower Gel Bottles, Detergent Bottles, Laundry Detergent Bottles, Hair Conditioner Bottles, Detergent Bottles, Etc.


Eye Drops Bottle, Pill Bottle, Saline Bottle, Syrup Bottle, Nasal Spray Bottle, Nutrition Jars, Health Care Bottles

Food Package

Water Bottle, Cookie Jar, Oil Bottle, Csd Bottle, Milk Bottle, Juice Bottle, Disposable Packing Box

Lubricant Oil

Blow molding machines are used to manufacture oil cans, which are containers designed to store and transport various types of oil products. The blow molding process allows for the production of lightweight, durable, and leak-resistant oil cans.

Sea Ball

Our machines can be used to produce sea balls, also known as floating buoys or marine floats. These buoyant spheres play a crucial role in beach activities or marine applications, serving as markers, navigational aids, and floatation devices.


Our machines are employed to manufacture crates used for storage and transportation of goods. These crates are widely used in industries such as agriculture, logistics, and retail.

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