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Guaranteed quality proper price popular productHoney Juice Animal Container injection stretch blow molding machine

Commonly used in 10-1000 ml PET cosmetic bottle, milk bottle, sports water bottle, pharmaceutical packaging, PC bottle, red wine cup and LED lampshade, etc
  • ISB800-AN



Injection Stretch Blow Molding Machine ISB800
This machine has three stations, injection preform, blowing & stretch and product release. The raw material comes from the hopper to the injection screw to inject preform; the plate rotates preforms to blow/stretch blow station with themselves heat, without any reheating for blowing,then the product will rotate to release station and drop down, It's fully automatically cycle rotation working mode,no need to buy bottle preform, no waste, high degree of automation, finished products smooth and beautiful.

Commonly used in 10-1000 ml PET cosmetic bottle, milk bottle, sports water bottle, pharmaceutical packaging, PC bottle, red wine cup and LED lampshade, etc

Technical Parameters

ISB 800-3

Injection Part
Screw Diameter

Screw L/D Ratio

Screw Speed

Theoretical Injection Capacity

Injection Pressure

Max. Hydraulic Pressure

The Actual Injection Quantity(PS):

Screw Stroke:

Clamping Part
Blow Clamping Force:

Clamp Tonnage:

Wheel Diameter:

Max. Height of Bottle:

Open Vertical Mode Trip:

Max. Pump Pressure:

Motor Oil:

Electric Power:

Oil Tank:

Overall Dimension(L*W*H):


Machine Advantages

1. The wheel rotation is driven by electrical servo motor, not hydraulic.
2. Full automatic controlling system, easy operating.
3. The temperature of material barrel and hot runner is controlled accurately by PIT.
4. More cost is saved than traditional machine.
5. Compact structure; less space needed.
6.   Injection:        Hot runner and temperature control device are standard configuration. Only change mold for making a new product;
Stretch Blow:        Hydraulic mold clamping, core insert, stretch blow and bottom molding are standard configuration;
Product Release:        Equipped with a standard ejector.

With the increasing requirement of high quality and elegant appearance in the packing field of food, beverage, and cosmetic, the plastic containers made by the old style extrusion blowing machine cannot meet the customer’s demand any more. However, by one step injection stretch blow molding machine, from the raw material to product processed are all by one step.The whole process includes preform injection,stretch blow and release. No need trimmings, No runner gate material ( no scrap ), but perfect neck, bottom and line, higher transparent, higher rigid. Stretch-blowing molding products come with thinner wall and save more material. PET water bottle stretch blow molding machine completes a high speed molding without preform reheated. With the heat from preform injection to stretch and blow, unnecessary reheating and shorten preform cooling time to save energy. Injection Stretch blow molding machine optimizes the working structure, removes molding disadvantage factor, cuts off the complicated working procedure to ensure molding more reliable and increase the reject rate.

One Step Injection Stretch blow moulding machine decrease the convey cost and avoid the second contamination, special for food and pharmaceutical company. For example, to transit the 19g 500ml bottle, if the 1m³ trunk used, it can load 1024 bottles, or 9280 preform, but if buy the raw material that can produce 56421 bottles. The logistic cost of material comparing with transiting bottles can be reduced by 98.2%; Comparing with the cost of transiting preform, the cost can be reduced by 83.6%.

Product Quality
Dawson One-step Injection Stretch Blow Molding Machine
From preform to product in one machine
One machine
Not affect by damp and less pollution; Various kinds of shape
Other machine
Injection and blow molding are two separated process
1.Injection molding machine
2.Preform transiting machine
3.Reheating, stretch and off-moulding machine
Easy affect by damp and polluted; Singleness shape

ISBM Applications

Machine Model
PC, PS,PMMA lamp cover, LED light lampshade,Christmas flash light, garden and street light.
PET high transparent bottle(thinner wall), cosmetic bottle 10ml to 500ml, PET wide neck jar, PET pharmaceutical bottle.
PP high transparent bottle, baby feeding bottle, sport bottle.
PCTG, Tritan drinking water bottle, sport bottle.

Professional Workshop

Our Professional Injection Stretch Blow Molding Machine Workshop...
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Company Profile


Our customers are all around the world.

Vietnam, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Kazakhstan, Russia, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Malta, Romania, Italy, India, Syria, Ethiopia, Egypt, Sudan, Tunisia, Algeria, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Mexico, Guatemala, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru....

We have our own service team in
Saudi Arabia, Colombia, Panama, South Africa ...


located in Zhangjiagang city, have more than 18 years' experience in the field of plastic machinery,
blow molding machine, injection molding machine, PET blow molding machine, injection blow molding machine, injection stretch blow molding machine during the past 18 years, we always force our energy into new areas of plastic machinery, plastic packaging machinery, to update the technology, to learn advanced experience, to confirm new theory and new design, we are forming a unique competitive advantage of our owns.

The machines from our company carry good quality and effective after-sales service, upon the market,
customers from more than 45 countries, we provide complete solution for your plastic industry
business, as well as all sorts of technical support & after-sale services!

DAWSON will be your reliable friend in China, and we will always do our best to give you max support!

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Q: Can we visit your factory?

Sure. We located in Zhangjiagang city which is very near Shanghai. For overseas customers, you can fly to Shanghai Pudong
International Airport. We can
pick you up in the Airport. (or Hongqiao International Airport. ) We also provide visit online by video.

Q: How can we get the exact price of plastic machine?

Contact us with the products size, shape, annual quantity and photo if possible. We can recommend our machine models with

Q: Do you provide any spare parts with machine?

Yes, we offer all necessary spare parts before shipment.(contact us for packing list )

Q: How about your after-sale service ?

We offer manual instruction and engineer training before loading,after shipment we provide 24 HRS online support, video technical
support or field installation assist.

Q: What is the lead time?

For customized machine, it takes about 45-50 days after deposit. For stock machine, fast shipment. ( The actual production cycle will vary according to the degree of customization.)

Q: What is the warranty period for your machine ?

12 months warranty for components and technical support .

Q: Do you provide custom machines?

Most of our machines are customized. Our goal is efficiency and stable performance. We design the machines according to customers
products to meet customer' needs.

Q: How can we install the machine when it arrives?

We can send experienced technicians to customer's country for guiding the installation and commission the machine, also train the
customer's employees.

Q: What's DAWSON's advantage?

DAWSON provide customers with turnkey projects. Including plant design, plastic machine and mold installation, debugging, also we
can source the auxiliary equipment for customers. We can ship the full set of machines after testing in our factory. It will save
a lot of cost and time.

DAWSON will be your reliable friend in China, and we will always do our best to give you max support!


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