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Good quality 100ml one step cosmetic bottle high speed making machine ibm machinery

DMB-1000L extrusion blow molding machine is suitable for producing 500-1000L IBC Tanks. Equipped with special designed screw suitable for UHMWPE material, with uniform plastication, and no temperature rise, which shorten the IBC tank forming cycle. It’s production capacity can reach over 500pcs/day.Manufacturing IBC tanks, changing color is a common procedure, using our special designed die head, you can shorten the color changing time, save power energy. One IBC tank use 8kw electricity.
The whole blow molding machine is equipped with bilingual operation panel and automatic configuration from world famous brands to realize the advantages of simple operation and high automation.
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Full Automatic Square bottle Injection Blow Moulding Molding Machine


Choose a blowing machine to manufacture safe and reliable square bottles! Our injection molding machine uses high-quality materials and strict manufacturing processes to ensure that each square bottle meets quality standards. Our injection blowing machine also has an intelligent control system that can monitor the production process, adjust parameters in a timely manner, and ensure product consistency. Whether you are a startup or a traditional manufacturer, choose our injection molding machine to win the trust and favor of consumers with your square bottle!

Injection blow molding machines offer several advantages, including the ability to produce bottles and containers with precise dimensions, uniform wall thickness, and complex shapes. They are widely used in the packaging industry for producing various plastic products, such as bottles for beverages, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and household chemicals.



Bottle is a container that can hold liquid or solid, which can be seen everywhere in our life, including medicine bottle, cosmetics bottle and beverage bottle. Due to the rapid development of the petroleum industry, human beings invented high molecular polymer, which is commonly known as plastics. Since then, our bottle materials have changed from single glass or ceramics to various kinds of plastics. Drawing lessons from the long history of glass container blowing process, the extrusion or injection molding plastic mold in relativistic state is placed in the blowing mold, and the mold is inflated by a certain pressure of compressed air to make it close to the cavity wall. After cooling and setting, the mold is demolished to obtain the plastic hollow products with the same shape as the cavity. This is the hollow blow molding process we are familiar with.

Technical Parameter                                                                                          

Model IBM35D IBM45D IBM65D
Unit Date
Injection system Screw Diameter mm 40 45 50
Max. Theoretical injection capacity G 176 260 314
Heating capacity KW 7.2 10 10
No. of heating area Qty 3 3 3
Clamping & blowing system Clamping force of injection kn 350 450 650
Clamping force of blowing kn 40 78 89
Opening stroke of mold platen mm 120 120 140
Max. Platen size (L×W) mm 420×340 560×390 740×390
Min. Mold thickness (H) mm 180 240 280
Heating capacity of mould KW 2.8 4.0 5.0
Product dimension range Suitable bottle range ml 3-800 3-800 5-800
Max. bottle height mm ≤180 ≤200 ≤200
Max. Dia. of bottle mm ≤80 ≤80 ≤80
Dry cycle s 4

Hydraulic driving system Motor power KW 11/15 18.7/22 17
hydraulic pressure Mpa 14 14 14
Pneumatic system Min. Air pressure Mpa ≥0.8 1.0 1.0
Discharge rate of compressed air M3/mm ≥0.7 ≥0.8 ≥0.8
Cooling system Water flowage M3/h 3 3 4

Total rated power with mold heating KW 21/25 34/38 45
Machine information Dimension M 3.1×1.2×2.2 3.5×1.4×2.3 4×1.28×2.35
machine weight Ton 4.0 6.0




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