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Why Mould QUALITY Matters

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As the core part of a plastic project, mould quality is definitely important to the whole production line. Either you’re experienced or new to plastic business, choosing good mould is a compulsory course.

We’ll see below how the plastic mould quality influences all your work.

1.Blow molding mold, bottle mould, or injection mold, their mutual base the the plastic mould material. S136 as stainless steel, has excellent performance on rust-Anti-rust, anti-corrosion. Our preform mould, blow molding mold... adopt S136 as core/cavity, high hardness P20 mould steel as frame, help you extend mould service life.

2.Blowing mould, injection mould, water flow design inside the plastic mould, although can’t see, is a major part of the mould. It is helpful in cooling down the mould. The quicker plastic mould cooled down, the better your product can be, and the faster you can produce. Needless to say, you can see the intuitive effect of increasing production with good water flow design plastic moulds.

3.Surface finish quality is of the same importance in plastic industry. Good sealing can assure high clamping effect on the blowing mould, bottle mold... you’ll get better product, occupy higher class market.

The plastic mould quality is so important, that it will influence all the details during your production. It will help you reduce maintain time, increase productivity, save running cost.

Choose DAWSON, choose right plastic mould vendor.

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