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4L 5L ADBlue Jerry Can Extrusion Blow Moulding Machine 100ml 250ml 500ml PP Plastic Bottle Making Machine For Dialysis Soution

Our high configuration max 5L jerry can extrusion blow molding machine, is with continuous type die head which is suitable for producing jerry cans size from 50ml to 5L by changing different heads die head. It is standard equipped with toggle type clamping system, servo hydraulic system & rotary touch screen control box. For more requirements, such as view stripe line system or multi layer, parison controlling system all can be added according to your requirements.
Clamping Force:
Servo hydraulic pump:
Die Head:
Ourput of HDPE:
Parison controlling system:
  • DSB70D


  • 84773010

500ml To 2L HDPE Bottle Making High Configuration Extrusion Blow Molding Machine Expert

DAWSON MACHINE is professional manufacturer of blow molding machine, we have many model extrusion blow molding machine with different configuration to meet customers' various product making requirements. Customers from all over the world are having our machines for different products, and the machines are helping them to make money, some of them, because of satisfied with our machine quality and service, not only order several machines, other demands also let us source for them.

DSB70D is one of our hot sale model extrusion blow molding machine, it is suitable for producing HDPE bottles and jerry cans size from 50ml to 5L. 

For size 50ml to 500ml(round bottle), the production capacity for the extrusion blow molding machine with four head die head is around 1300-1400pcs/hour.

For size 500ml to 1L (round bottle), the extrusion blow molding machine's production capacity with three head die head is around 600-900pcs/hour according to different bottle weight.

To produce 500ml to 2L(flat bottle), this high configuration extrusion blow moulding machine can produce around 480-600pcs/hour with double head die head.

And for max 5L bottles with single head die head, the production capacity of this hdpe blow molding machine is around 220-300pcs/hour. 

The application of this type extrusion blow molding machine is quite wide, suitable for making daily chemical industry such as shampoo bottle, detergent bottle, bleach bottle in many many shapes and designs, automobil industry lubricant oil jerry can, coolant bottle, ADblue jerry can, pesticide bottles, pharmaceutical bottles, food jars, etc.



Standard toggle type clamping system

Standard servo hydraulic system

Standard auto deflashing system

Standard rotary touch screen control box

View stripe line configuration optional

Suitable for choosing multi layers

Parison controller can be designated

Name Description
Screw size 70mm, 24:1
Screw motor


Plasticizing Interver INNOVANCE
Screw heating zone 3 zones with cooling fan
Screw heating power 13.8KW
Die head number 1/2/3/4
Platen size 350*490mm(W*H)
Minimum mould thickness 260mm
Mould opening stroke 250-600mm
Mould moving stroke 460mm
Clamping force 110KN
Servo hydraulic motor 11kw
Oil tank 200L
Hydraulic working pressure ≤14MPa
Pneumatic working pressure 0.6-0.8MPa
Air consumption 1.4m3/min

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