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Plastic 500l ibc liquid container water tank IBC Accumulation Type Blow Molding machine

DMB-1000L extrusion blow molding machine is suitable for producing 500-1000L IBC Tanks. Equipped with special designed screw suitable for UHMWPE material, with uniform plastication, and no temperature rise, which shorten the IBC tank forming cycle. It’s production capacity can reach over 500pcs/day.
Manufacturing IBC tanks, changing color is a common procedure, using our special designed die head, you can shorten the color changing time, save power energy. One IBC tank use 8kw electricity.
The whole blow molding machine is equipped with bilingual operation panel and automatic configuration from world famous brands to realize the advantages of simple operation and high automation.

Plastic 500l ibc liquid container water tank IBC Accumulation Type Blow Molding machine

IBC tank 1000 liters also called 1000 litre plastic ibc bulk container is widely used in the chemical filling and transportation
fields. Compared with other round plastic drums, 1000 litre ibc container helps save more space in storage. And it can be recycled for many times. Multi-layers plastic ibc containers are also popular. The outer layer of the 1000l square plastic ibc tank can be with dark color, the blue ibc tank container and black ibc containers are to protect the liquid stored inside from light, to avoid the liquid going bad, and the inner layer using virgin material, will not pollute the stored content.
Our IBC tank specialized blow moulding machine, not only suitable for manufacturing ibc container 1000l, also suitable for
producing ibc tank 500 liters, just by changing the interchange part of 1000L ibc tank mould to 500l ibc container.Such as split type S60×6 Male thread ball valve, Integrated Type S60×6 Male Ball Valve, Welded Type S60×6 Male Ball Valve, Welded Type NPS Male Ball Valve, Integrated Type S60×6 Male Butterfly Valve, Split Type S60×6 Male Butterfly Valve, Welded Type S60×6 Male Butterfly Valve, we use PTFE material for the valve seat, because of PTFE material nonstick & anti-corrosive feature, enables the valve keep clean for sticky food grade liquid, and with longer lifespan. And for the thread valves, we use different material seal rings, there are EPDM, FKM and NBR material for different type of liquid. Besides the valves, we also have DN150mm, 6 Inch IBC inner tank normal cover and ventilation cover, ibc tank accessories, ibc tank fittings & ibc tank adapter.



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