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500-1000L IBC Tank Multi Layers Making Extrusion Blow Molding Manufacturing Machine

DMB-1000L extrusion blow molding machine is suitable for producing 500-1000L IBC Tanks. Equipped with special designed screw suitable for UHMWPE material, with uniform plastication, and no temperature rise, which shorten the IBC tank forming cycle. It’s production capacity can reach over 500pcs/day.
Manufacturing IBC tanks, changing color is a common procedure, using our special designed die head, you can shorten the color changing time, save power energy. One IBC tank use 8kw electricity.
The whole blow molding machine is equipped with bilingual operation panel and automatic configuration from world famous brands to realize the advantages of simple operation and high automation.

500-1000L IBC Tank Multi Layers Making Extrusion Blow Molding Manufacturing Machine

Here are some additional details about the IBC tank blow molding machine:

  1. Operation: The machine operates in a continuous cycle, with the ability to produce multiple IBC tanks simultaneously. It starts by feeding plastic resin pellets into the extrusion system, which melts and forms the molten plastic material.

  2. Mold design: The machine is equipped with specially designed molds that define the shape and size of the IBC tanks. These molds are made of high-quality materials, ensuring durability and precision in the manufacturing process.

  3. Cooling system: After the blow molding process, the newly formed IBC tanks go through a cooling system to solidify and stabilize their shape. This ensures that the tanks maintain their structural integrity and dimensional accuracy.

  4. Customization options: The IBC tank blow molding machine offers flexibility in terms of customization. It can produce IBC tanks of various capacities, ranging from a few hundred liters to several thousand liters. Additionally, it allows for customization of features like valve placements, fittings, and labeling requirements.

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