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50-120L 50L 60L 100L HDPE Plastic Drum Making Accumulator Die Head Fixed Station Automatic Extrusion Blow Molding Machine

Wide application extrusion molding machine suitable for making 50-120Liters plastic drums.
Production capacity:40-50pcs/h
Servo hydraulic system
With parison controlling system
Max product size:
Clamping Force:
Screw diameter:
Screw driving power:
Output of screw:
Die head volume:
Hydraulic driving power:
  • DSBD100

  • Dawson

  • 84773010

50-120Liter HDPE Plastic Drum Making Automatic Extrusion Blow Molding Machine Expert

DAWSON MACHINE is professional manufacturer of blow molding machine, we have many model extrusion blow molding machine with different configuration to meet customers' various product making requirements. Customers from all over the world are having our machines for different products, and the machines are helping them to make money, some of them, because of satisfied with our machine quality and service, not only order several machines, other demands also let us source for them.

Machine Advantages

50-120L Blow molding machine (13)

With wide application

Product size:50-120L

Servo hydraulic system, energy saving

Big clamping force, product with better surface

Fast color changing, save cost

Take out robot arm available

Parison controlling system can be chosen

Ceremic heater, save power consumption

Machine Specification

Max. Product volume 120 liters
Production capacity 40-50pcs/h
Screw diameter 100mm
Screw driving power 45KW
Screw heating power 20KW
No. of heating zone 5 zones
Output of screw 180kg/h
Accumulator die head volume 12L
Die head heating power 33KW
Clamping force


Mould moving stroke 500-1300mm
Cooling water pressure 0.3-0.4Mpa
Colling water consumption 180L/min
Air pressure 0.8Mpa
Compressed air comsumption 1.6m3/min
Overall size of machine(L*W*H) 6300*3100*5000MM
Machine weight 18T
Total power 129KW

Accumulator type die head extrusion blow molding machine, is a type of machine which has wide applications. This Not suitable for producing plastic containers, such as plastic drums, jerry cans, barrels, also suitable for producing plastic bed head board, leg board, handrails, armrest, plastic floating dock, traffic cone, car spoilers, plastic children toys such as rocking horse, Kids Slide Swing, Indoor Playground Children Toddler, etc.

To produce different products, the machine can be equipped with robot arm to take out the products, bottom blowing unit for drums or others need bottom blowing, upper or bottom parison sealing unit, etc.

Our accumulator type die head extrusion blow molding machines, all equipped with servo motor for the hydraulic system, which is energy saving, make the machine with lower noise, and works smooth, precision and high efficient, because of servo motor no need always running,so the oil temperature is not high, this will protect the oil sealings, and make the O-sealings and hydraulic components using for longer time.

And the components we use for the machines are from brand suppliers with good quality.

For the machine controlling system, we generally use Italy GEFRAN, Taiwan WISETECH, Parison controlling system, we have MOOG, GEFRAN, XUNJIE, WISETECH, etc.


Hydraulic pump, we use SUMITOMO brand, and YUKEN brand for hydraulic valves, proportional valve and solenoid valves.

And Schneider contactor, OMRON relay, etc.

Machine Applications

100L application


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