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Wide Size Range Bottle Making Extrusion Blow Molding Machine

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Our extrusion blow molding machine are with wide range applications. And when producing bottles, it's suitable for producing wide size range bottles. 


We here has a project for our Botswana customer, double station single die head HDPE extrusion blow molding machine, has bottles with 500ml round bottle, to 5L jerry can with handle. 

If don't want to change the die head, then this is one choice, if you're ok to change die head when producing big different size bottles on one machine, then to produce bottles size bigger than 2L can use single die head, and equip an extra double die head for bottles size smaller than 2L. 

This machine also has liquid level line configuration to be suitable for producing lubricant oil jerrycan.

The moulds, we can equip for you with auto-deflashing or without auto-deflashing according to your actual demand. 

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