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Test Production of Extrusion Blow Molding Machine for ABS Car Spoiler

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On Wednesday morning, our extrusion blow molding machine for making ABS car spoiler did a test production, and HongKong customer came to inspect the machine test running. 

Customer satisfied with our machine, and arranged the balanced payment. 

Today we received the payment, and the machine already been delivered.

Wish the machine start to make money for customer soon.

The extrusion blow molded products, will come out scraps together with the target products, after these scraps be peeled, we can get the finished products. And if some parts need more smooth edges, will need to equip a trimming device.

Extrusion blow molding machines are with wide applications, such as plastic jerry cans, plastic drums, plastic chairs, plastic mannequins, plastic foldable table sheets, chairs, plastic tool box,  plastic pallets, plastic hospital bed boards, etc.

Welcome you contact with us having further discussion if you have any interest for producing any of these applications.

car spoiler 1

car spoiler 2

car spoiler 3

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