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Portable high quality PET cans neck cutter pet bottle automatic cutting machine

Cutting speed:
  • FGP-1


Portable high quality PET cans neck cutter pet bottle automatic cutting machine

The PET Automatic Cutting Machine is a cutting-edge, fully automated equipment designed specifically for PET bottle cutting. It utilizes advanced technology and precision mechanisms to deliver efficient and accurate incisions. Key features include high-speed cutting capabilities, reliable performance, and seamless automation, reducing manual intervention and maximizing productivity. The machine is versatile, capable of accommodating various sizes and shapes of PET bottles. It ensures consistent and high-quality cutting results. With its automated operation, the PET Automatic Incision Machine reduces labor costs and enhances operational efficiency. It finds extensive applications in industries such as food, beverage, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals, providing a cost-effective solution for large-scale production and ensuring impeccable cutting precision and consistency.

Machine parameter

Model TQ-CM(Series) TQ-TM(Series) TQ-CTM(Series)
Speed 600-1500pcs/h 500-1200pcs/h 500-1000pcs/h
Range 50ml-30L 50ml-30L 50ml-30L
Size 1600*620*1600mm 1600*620*1600mm 1600*620*1600mm
Height 750-900mm 750-900mm 750-900mm
Conveyor length 1600mm 1600mm 1600mm
Power 220V 50HZ 220V 50HZ 220V 50HZ

Model TQ-XG (Series) TQ-GT(Series) TQ-QK (Series)
Speed 1000pcs/h 360-900pcs/h 1500-6000 pcs
Range Cover diameter: 15-70mm
Bottle diameter: 30-100mm
Bottle height: 40-280mm
60L-200L 50ml-5L
Size 2000*1200*2000mm 1300*1300*1600mm 700*700*1600mm
Weight / 550kg 550kg
Power 380/220V 50HZ 220V 50HZ 220V 50HZ


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