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Introduction to Dawson Electric Premolding PET Preform Injection Molding Machine

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Dawson Injection Molding Machine for PET Preform

PET Preform is widely used in mineral water / juice / beverage bottle production. This industry's character is the productivity demand is high, bottle consumption is big. So normal injection machine productivity can't meet the output demand, if to meet big output demand, the factory has to equip with multiple machines, thus will also need more auxiliary. The more output demand, the more machines, and the factory room, labor cost is higher.

In an area of increasingly fierce competition, higher production costs will weaken the competitiveness of preform products. Is there a machine that can produce more preforms?

Our Efficent series high speed electric premolding injection molding machine is specially designed for high class preform production market.

For small size preforms, we can reach 10~11s/shot for 48 cavity preform mold or more cavity mould.

Single machine outputt can reach 18,000 pcs/h, our injection molding machine helps you save factory room, auxiliary costs, labor costs, so as to increase your production capacity, being more competitive in preform market.


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