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High Seed Electric Premolding 20000 pcs/h PET Preform Plastic Injection Molding Machine

High speed high injection weight 1500 g, 2300 g, 3100 g, 4500 g ...  injection molding machine.
20,000pcs/h productivity Electric premolding PET preform specialized injection molding machine
Injection weight:
Clamping Force:
Space between tie bar:
Screw diameter:
Motor power:
Heating power:
Injection rate:
  • HPET1500/288S7

  • Dawson

  • 8477101090

20,000 pcs/h PET Preform High Speed Injection Molding Machine

Zhangjiagang Dawson Machine Efficent series high speed injection molding machine, is specially designed for PET preform production.

As the competition in the PET preform market becomes more and more intense, and the profit becomes less, the transformation and upgrade of the preform production process and cost control have become the top priority to all PET relevant products manufacturers.

The two core factors that restrict the production cost of preforms are the cycle time and energy consumption. Therefore, the requirements for the cycle time and energy consumption of the PET IMM getting higher and higher.

But most of the injection molding machines in the market are for general-purpose products, only by simply changing the screw& barrel unit to use for preforms. They are not specially designed for PET preform mold and PET material.

Our EFFICENT series injection molding machine is focusing on high-speed preform injection molding system, these special high speed PET injection molding machines can help our clients solve this difficult problems from the root.

Efficent series machine adopt electric premolding technique, it maintains plasticizing process during mold cooling, so as to increase production capacity. Our cycle time is only around 10 s/shot based on 48 cavity preform mold for small preforms, such as 13~15g regular size water bottle preforms.

We also adopt servo motor to help you save energy cost.

      Our Advantage                                        


Oil-electric hybrid high-speed preform injection molding machine.Special injection molding machine for fast preform.The whole machine adopts the design style of European style, and the appearance is beautiful and high-end.

The safety door glass is made of PC board    material, which has good strength and high transparency, while most of the injection molding machines in the same industry use acrylic board, which has poor strength, vulnerable parts, and poor transparency.

The blanking plate is heightened with two water pipe perforations, which is convenient for connecting the water inlet and outlet pipes

of the mould.

For models above 320 tons, the base of the pallet is lengthened to allow the weight of the reducer to be distributed on the base.
Otherwise, the reducer of a large preform machine is heavy and the weight is distributed on the drive shaft, which is easy to  deform and break. (Exclusive design of EFFICENT type)


The solid state relay is used, which has a long service life, while most injection molding machines use thermal contactors, which are

easily damaged due to the high frequency of opening and closing.

The casting of the direct injection table is specially set at two supporting points to prevent the molten glue servo motor from
sinking due to its own weight, which will cause the drive shaft connecting the motor and the reducer to break. (Exclusive design
of EFFICENT type)

The surface of the injection machine frame is sprayed with patterned iron plate, while the domestic injection molding machine uses
patterned aluminum plate, which avoids the high-temperature hot material when starting and stopping, and the cleaning material is
easy to deform and warp when it falls on the patterned aluminum plate, and the patterned iron plate has strong high temperature

resistance , to circumvent this problem.

      Machine Specification                      














Screw diameter mm 75 75 83 95 100 125
Injection pressure Mpa 118 118 138 105 126 975
Screw L/D ratio L/D 24 24 24 24 24 24
Injection rate g/s 543 680 580 972 812 1312
Shot volume(theoretical) cm³ 1262.5 1262.5 1974.2 2585.8 3768 6869
Shot weight g 1515 1515 2369 3103 4521.6 8242.8
oz 53.4 53.4 83.6 109.5 159.5 290.8
Clamp tonnage KN 2880 3280 3880 3880 4580 4580
Opening stroke mm 520 590 590 590 700 700
Space between tie-bars mm 630 * 600 680 * 680 730 * 730 730 * 730 830 * 830 830 * 830
Platen size mm 900 * 870 990 * 990 1060 * 1060 1060 * 1060 1180 * 1180 1180 * 1180
Mould Height mm 300 - 600 300 - 660 300 - 700 300 - 700 350 - 780 350 - 780
Ejector stroke mm 180 200 220 220 220 220
Ejector tonnage KN 100 177 208 208 241 241
Ejector pins - 8+1 12+1 12+1 12+1 12+1 12+1
Motor power KW 36.5+40 39.4+40 39.4+56.3 39.4+72 72+81 72+107
Hydraulic pressure MPa 16 16 16 16 16 16
Oil tank capacity L 450 500 550 550 650 1000
Heat power KW 30.7 30.7 35.7 45.3 55 80
Machine dimension m 6.8*1.6*2.1 7.2*1.7*2.05 7.8*1.9*2.05 8.0*1.9*2.05 9.3*2.1*2.2 9.8*2.1*2.2
Machine weight t 8.7 11.8 15.5 15.8 19.7


      Machine Applications                         

产品 5

      Machine Photo                                        


For more machine details, please contact Sara Sun 

E-mail: sara@dawson-plastic.com

WA/Wechat: +86 15850801260

      Q & A                                                         

Q: Can we visit your factory?

Sure. We located in Zhangjiagang city which is very near Shanghai. For overseas customers, you can fly to Shanghai Pudong
International Airport. We can
pick you up in the Airport. (or Hongqiao International Airport. ) We also provide visit online by video.

Q: How can we get the exact price of plastic machine?

Contact us with the products size, shape, annual quantity and photo if possible. We can recommend our machine models with quotation.

Q: Do you provide any spare parts with machine?

Yes, we offer all necessary spare parts before shipment.(contact us for packing list )

Q: How about your after-sale service ?

We offer manual instruction and engineer training before loading,after shipment we provide 24 HRS online support, video technical support or field installation assist.

Q: What is the lead time?

For customized machine, it takes about 45-50 days after deposit. For stock machine, fast shipment. ( The actual production cycle will vary according to the degree of customization.)

Q: What is the warranty period for your machine ?

12 months warranty for components and technical support .

Q: Do you provide custom machines?

Most of our machines are customized. Our goal is efficiency and stable performance. We design the machines according to customers products to meet customer' needs.

Q: How can we install the machine when it arrives?

We can send experienced technicians to customer's country for guiding the installation and commission the machine, also train the customer's employees.

Q: What's DAWSON's advantage?

DAWSON provide customers with turnkey projects. Including plant design, plastic machine and mold installation, debugging, also we can source the auxiliary equipment for customers. We can ship the full set of machines after testing in our factory. It will save a lot of cost and time.

DAWSON will be your reliable friend in China, and we will always do our best to give you max support!


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